ATI Graphics Card and Windows Vista

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On our new Dell Workstation there is a ATI Radeon X1800 Graphics Card. On Windows XP it did perform very well but after installing Windows Vista it is SO SLOW.

OpenGL diagnostic told us:

OpenGL Version 1.1.0
Renderer GDI Generic
Vendor Microsoft Corporation

On WinXP this meant that we were not using hardware accelerated OpenGL

WHAT DOES IT MEAN under Vista? Should we look for a better driver or we will not find a better solution for all you know about OpenGL & Window Vista?

Thanks so much guys.


Installing the newest AMD/ATI Vista drivers should fix that problem.

I’m using Vista with the latest drivers on my X1900 and it supports GL2.0 the same (well, better in some instances) as XP.

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Believe it or not, the latest ATI Catalyst driver does not install on my DELL machine. I have just aske support for this.

BTW It is important to know, that Vista can have fast OpenGL like XP did.

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Wasn’t Vista supposed to have a ‘Direct3D’/OpenGL wrapper instead of the ancient GDI wrapper.
Looks like the promised feature was dropped in the ‘final’ version …

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