ATI, GL_COMPRESSED_* and glCopyTexImage2D


You might remember me posting about a crash using compressed texture formats with glCopyTexImage2D on ATI boards. The thread is here:

Now I finally got around to build a simple test showing the problem. Its based on Lesson 6 by NeHe (texture mapping tutorial):

There’s source for MSVC 6 and a prebuild binary in there. Can any of you ATI users out there get it to work? The expected behaviour is just a black window, but on my ATI radeon 9800 is crashes at the glCopyTexImage2D call. Building the binary using GL_RGB instead of GL_COMPRESSED_RGB in the glCopyTexImage2D call works.

To recap:
It works on nvidia boards in win32 and linux. It works on an ATI radeon 9800 on a G4 Mac OS X 10.2.8. It just doesn’t work in the win32/ATI case. I’m using the latest Catalyst 3.8 drivers.

Should I post a bug report to ATI about this?

  • elias

I beleive it is a bug. Im getting a crash (adress 0) on catalayst 3.8 R9500

If you call glTexImage2D before using glCopyTexSubImage2D, then it doesnt crash.

PS: dont use hex numbers. I had to search glext.h to find what the number was.

I got an answer from ATI - it is indeed a bug and it’s fixed in a later release. Sorry about the hex numbers, but I didn’t use glCopyTexSubImage2D, only glCopyTexImage2D. Else the bug would have been mine to fix.

  • elias

Sorry about the “Sub”.