ATI drivers and debian

Hi, I’m having some troubles using the new ATI drivers under a debian distr. I cannot build the modules, because they depend on a library that only works with gcc-2.96. According to gcc-2.96 is not a formal release and therefore it’s not available in debian. I tried to build it with gcc-2.95, but there are some macros with a variable number of parameters that produce some errors. Does somebody know what to do in order to build the kernel module?

I would assume you are getting errors related to macros like __KE_ERROR or __KE_DEBUG? If so, you will notice on each line that has an error, those macros only contain a single string as an agument. Simply placing a comma and the null character ‘\0’ after the string and before the ending parenthesis will remove the errors, and away you go.


Or, if you have it, you can use gcc 3.2. Works quite nicely for me.

thanks for the answers! both solutions were fine, but I wonder, why does the ip library have the GCC2.96 sufix then? Anyway, it works fine now.

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