ATI driver/Win OS question


Am having problems compiling a sample OpenGL/GLUT program that I was given on MS Visual C++ .NET on Win XP Home OS. Am getting the following error msg:

Unhandled Exception: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type GLUquadric from assembly solsys, Version=, Culture=neutral,

at main(Int32 argc, SByte** argv)

where solsys is the name of the .cpp file and the name of the empty Managed C++ project I created.

Have previously run OpenGL/GLUT applications successfully on this machine.

Am wondering if the OpenGL libs or graphics card driver is the problem?

If it is the graphics card, which is an ATI Radeon 9000, will downloading and insalling the latest FireGL for my OS (X2-256) enable me to run the application?

Thanks very much.

Hi !

No, I don’t think so, the error is about the runtime is not able to find a type/class named “GLUquadric”, I don’t think this has anything to do with OpenGL at all, but I am not sure why you get it.

I have had some nasty problems when mixing managed C++ code with MFC (same kind of error messages about types that cannot be found even though they should be there).


Thanks for your reply.

I am not using MFC (at least I do not intend to in any way).

Thanks again.

Ok, I found out that it is graphics drivers not firegl I need to highlight on the ATI site.

So, does anyone know if downloading/installing Catalyst will resolve my problem? If so, is the display portion of the download enough since I am not experiencing any other problems with the card just lack of gluQuadric recognition/support?

Thanks very much.

This error has nothing to do with OpenGL, and it will not be fixed by updating the display driver.

It has something to do with the compiler thinking GLUquadric is a .NET type while it really is a struct. This is because the OpenGL headers are meant to be used with unmanaged code. Changing your project or at least the part where OpenGL is involved to unmanaged code will fix it, but there surely is another way without giving up managed code.

Perhaps you should ask at a .NET forum, I am sure people there can give you better answers…

Thank you very much. This has been difficult to pinpt.

I really don’t need any part of the application to be managed. I will try on my Win machine to create an unmanaged project w/the same code soon.

Thanks again.


I just tried posting the question how I can create an unmanaged project on a .NET forum. I tried creating a win32 project but that seems to add a lot of extra stuff I don’t need since I am eventually porting the code to a Linux machine. Just need a .cpp file when all is said and done.

Pls let me know if you have any suggestions.

Thanks a lot.