ATI driver bug?


Just noticed a problem with ATI’s latest catalyst drivers.
At least it seems to be a driver problem…:
Under Windows XP the little application hint windows appearing
in the quick launch bar and task bar get corrupted when
an OpenGL application is running. The width and text description
of those hints are invalid, some parts are completely black.
Application defined hints remain valid.
Did anyone else encountered this problem? And if so, any ideas
how to fix it? How do I report this to ATI?

Windows XP (all available fixpacks)
Radeon 9600
Catalyst V04.2 Packaging Version: 7-981-040127m-013420c

Problem occurs also on a Sony Vario Notebook
with some Mobile Radeon 7500 as far as I remember.

That’s a known bug. The same happens with some NVIDEA drivers. You have to contact Microsoft to get a patch (I’ve heard the patch is not available via Internet).

#?%$& Microsoft…
Besides that strange patch offering strategy
(why the hell isn’t it free to download??):
It’s that kind of bug I really ask myself:
How did they made it? In what way are those hint specific functions related to the OpenGL stuff?
Anyway, thanks for answering!

Clicky! for the KB article;[ln];oasoem

fill this out and they will send you it

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