ATI and render to texture rectangle

Is it possible to render to a texture rectangle with ATI hardware?

NVidia has NV_render_texture_rectangle, but there seems to be no similar things from ATI(or EXT, ARB).

Can this be true?


There is GL_EXT_texture_rectangle. Have a look at Tom’s page


Yes, ext_texture_rectangle lets us make rectangular textures, but
how do we render to them?
Can it be done at all?


P-Buffers, perhaps? (Though I’ve never used them. . .)

You would have to use CopyTex[Sub]Image2D to copy a pbuffer to a rectangle texture. The RTT rectangle extension is nVidia proprietary.

ARB_render_texture, perhaps?

Though the spec says to throw an error if the size of the texture is non-power-of-two, it also says that “This restriction can be relaxed later by the exension that allows non-power of 2 texture.” EXT_texture_rectangle would, quite likely, be such an extension. Try it out and see what happens.