ASUS v8420 leaking handles


I’m searching the archive for a solution but I thought I’d better post anyway to make folks aware…

Without going into the details of my OpenGL implementation, the application that I have developed is currently in a testing phase. We have purchased an ASUS v8420 GeForce4 Ti4200 card which has 128Mb for one of our test machines.

I have not gotten to the bottom of the problem, however, it appears that my application leaks handles like crazy on the machine with this card. We have two other desktop test machines, one has a GeForce2 card and the other a Quadro4 (low end GeForce4) and a Laptop using the latest offering from ATI. We do not experience these leaks on any of these other platforms, so it is very tempting to blame the ASUS driver.

So, I guess, if this really is a problem with the driver, then people here know about it now, if it’s a problem with my implementation then I hope that someone else out there has had a similar problem and can offer me some advice.



I don’t know if ASUS cards ship with their own modified drivers, but in case they do, I’d just try the reference NVIDIA drivers and see if the problem occurs with them too.

well, I’m not sure what was going on with the ASUS drivers. It looks like there were some nVidia dll’s in there.

However, your suggestion was a good one. nVidia’s Detonator 30.82 drivers have completely resolved the problem.

Thank you. I can have a good weekend now. I may even be able to forget about the near heart attack I had the the other day when I saw the process had 70,000 handles!!

Thanks again.


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