Assistance with GLUT and OpenGL

Sir and Madam programmers,

I just learned C++ for last few years at my college. Now, I want to learn how to operate GLUT and OpenGL so that way I able to learn how to design 2D game now as beginning before I move up to 3D.

Now I have a problem. I tried to read everything as possible. I did downloaded the latest upgrade version for my graphic controllers from the manufacturer’s website. Then, I downloaded GLUT 3.7 (both regular and data image). It stated that I need to consult before beginning with GLUT and OpenGL.

My computer could not identify How can I setup OpenGL, GLUT. I have no idea what they look like. Anyone is willing to help me with steps by steps? I was hoping to find some posts by someone to get information how to do this but no luck. THat’s why I posted this. :slight_smile:

Many thanks

Additional Note:

I happened to read one post by Jan. Jan mentioned that all Intel graphic controllers card driver does not support OpenGL very well. Is that a fact?

Cuz’ my graphic card driver is Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphic Controller

Also, I read a statement in OpenGL website that all manufacturer’s card on the list do support OpenGL and my driver is in that list.


Hi Turyturbo,
Welcome to OpenGL world. :slight_smile:

What compiler are you going to use? If you have VisualC++, then you need first to copy glut header and library(lib,dll) into the designated folder.

I am using Dev-C++, which is C++ IDE with gcc compiler. I have both VisualC++ and Dev-C++, and I think Dev-C++ is much better for developing simple OpenGL applications. It has even OpenGL and GLUT project template, so you can start very easily with Dev-C++.

I have not owned a integrated Indel video chip before. I cannot tell how good the driver is. You better check how much your video driver can support OpenGL, such as version and supported extensions. Here is my program to see OpenGL info.

Greetings Song,

I bet you enjoy the song? :slight_smile: Thank you for your warmth welcome to OpenGL world.

I own the lease of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Professional. I also have Borland Visual C++ but I uninstall that because .NET have almost everything that I need included C#, Java, and more. I assure that you know what I am talking about. :slight_smile:

I downloaded your and extracted it. Then I tried to run your glinfo.exe and nothing happen. Am I missing any files to run the autoexe?


glinfo prints out info into a file, glinfo.txt. Sorry forgot to mention it.


Bingo! I got it. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

My friend told me that I need to move all .dll, .lib, and stuff with same folder where headers for .NET in system32 folder.

Duh, now I am testing it to see if works. :slight_smile: