ASSERT with Doc/View in Windows

It seems that whenever an assertion fails (using the standard ASSERT macro) in windows in a CView dervied window my app freezes and I do not get an assertion message box or any way to break in the code and check the call stack. I assume this has something to do with the current context?

Does anyone else have any experience with this annoying little problem?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this since it is windoze specific;~)

In fact it doesn’t even sound like it has anything to do with OpenGL, which is probably why noone has answered yet.

As far as I know, an assert just shows a modal dialog box. That’s all it does. It’s not an error, so the debugger isn’t triggered.
If you want to debug the code, you’ll have to determine which bit of code generates the assert (presumably your asserts are unique enough to narrow it down), and then set some breakpoints.

As for why your application freezes… my guess is you’re doing the assert in an on display event or something - at that point Windows probably just wants your app to render, not display new windows.

If possible (I don’t know if it is simple to do) see if you can write your asserts to a log file instead of to a dialog box.