ASE file error!

hm… I have build a nice ase-file loader who loads the world in the ase-file and puts the objects in some classes for later rendering… I also loads the camera from the ase-file… but the problem is that the camera is rotated when I render the ase-file with my OpenGL engine… it is rotated for about 40 degres on Z-Axis and 170 degres on X-Axis or something don´t know exactly! but I do know that it is rotate something like that… anyone knows why ?

remember that 3DStudio

  • swaps y and z coordinates
  • inverts the z coordinate

did you take this into account?

I have swaped the y and z but not inverted the z… in the C code for an ase loader there is no z invert-stuff… how do I invert the Z-axis ?