Are there newer opengl header files?


At the moment I am trying to learn about whats new in gl2 and was wonder how you actually go about using any of gl’s newer features than 1.1

The way i see it, i’m using windows xp and include the gl.h file in my code. The header file accesses the opengl32.dll (dont know if thats its real name) and this file came with windows and is opengl 1.1

I have updated my graphics card which supports gl2 but how do i access the features if i’m using the gl.dll that came with windows?
Is there a newer set of dlls or header files somewhere?

I dont get it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Check your latest graphic cards driver, this is the way that GL2.0 is, about new functions or something else check OpenGL 2.0 spec PDF , it might help

Hm sorry, i just saw your thread here

afaik, OpenGL 2.0 is not supported on Win32, and there is no new headers, it’s difficult to answer you, it was asked many times but no one had a ‘correct’ or exact answer, we are waiting =/

You are right, this has been asked a lot recently. And the correct answer is still the same as for example in this thread:;f=4;t=001435

To summarize: There are no new libraries. The new headers can be downloaded from the OpenGL extension registry. You have to use the extension loading mechanism to get the function entry points for the OpenGL 2.0 function, just like if they were extenison functions. Or use a library to do it for you, for example GLEW.

The answer will not get any more ‘correct’ :wink: