Are there new gl*.h files?


In my renewed interest in openGL, I’ve been trying to see if there are newer Windows glaux/glu header and lib files needed for openGL 1.2 and above.

Also, where would I find the latest gl.h file? The Nvidia SDK doesn’t have it and my current one is only for 1.1.



Opengl 1.1 is the only header you need & is the only version implimented by m$

for the newer stuff you’ll have to use vendor specific extensions.

Thanks Rob…

That’s too bad about M$ not supplying up-to date openGL files.

So I would only need to #define GL_VERSION_1_2 in my current gl.h and include the lastest glext.h to get 1.2 functionality?

Thanks again for your help.


Try - press ‘GL Includes’ in the left hand side menu. There you will find a set of OpenGL 1.3 compatible headers (not including glaux though).

As Rob said, under Windows you need to treat new functionality as extensions, regardless if it’s actual extensions, or if it’s OpenGL 1.2 & 1.3 functionality. Extension definitions are included in the above mentioned archive.