Are there any free downloaded RAD TOOLS

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To make my life easier, avoiding miserable ... based on my rush in time (Graphic Programming project deadline at my college)
Are there any RAD (rapid application development) Program that I could download for free that can be compatible with C++ or Open GL.
In case you don't know what RAD is, its like the AutoCad mixed with Visual Basic, If I want to create object such as square, adding .BMP, rotate it, and etc it would automatically write the code languages. However when completing it, I could save it on .txt or .cpp  then I could copy it on Dev-C++, compile it, run it. Maybe it doesnt have to be RAD program but anything that is similar to the one (I really don't care). So does anyone know any kind of program doing this function? attached webpage to download it for free would be appreicated.

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Guys I forgot to add this, This also will run with openGL lastly…

i don’t remember name, nor link, but there was a 3d explorer (just like your normal windows explorer, but displaying 3d files in a preview window), that was able to convert the viewed files into other formats, and one was, to generate a .h file with data that you could include. in the help files, there was the fitting code you need for opengl to draw it (or direct x, for that mathers, i think…)

good luck googling.

Maybe you refer to the 3D Deep Exploration. You can open and visualize a very large list of 2D/3D formats and export to another list of 2D/3D file formats (including msvc6 project using opengl,C++ and display lists)

Originally posted by 3rdElement a:
To make my life easier, avoiding miserable … based on my rush in time (Graphic Programming project deadline at my college)

So, essentially you’re looking for an app that will do your homework for you?

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I think this is what you’re looking for : . You can build your GL-Scenes there (even shaders are supported) and directly export them into Delphi or C+±Source.

do you really expect that your techer wan’t recognize automaticly generated code ?(LOL)

-Daveperman… I guess you allow so many OpenGL codes overlapping your memory. But thanks anyway

-Ffelagund… Deep 3D exploration eh? I’ll have a look at that… I ll browse through search site and hopefully they re free to download.

-Tom Nuydens … Well, I am not a cheater. Actually this project is for first term exam… I am just trying to establish a something that would “ooing” the audience, Main TARGET get my professor eyes to pop out. = )

AdrianD-My professor wont care tho. All she care was to give an A or a F. = )

-PanzerSchreck… eh, lemme take a look at that website… if that was the one I was looking for, I’d buy you a beer of any kind mate. (if you like 'em)