ARB VP & FP Samples

As is seemes as there are very few samples of ARB VP & FP samples for a near complete fixed function replacement, we have started a small collection of samples at our web site that we wanted to share with you.


Thanks !!
It’s great.

Antorian is Happy

So a question about that:
NV Registers Combiners are same thing than ARB_FP ? or it’s something different?

Well…kind of…

Most stuff that I once did with register combiners I nowadays do programatically with VP & FP. So much easier and when used with Cg or glslang you get really powerfull behaviours…

I like it, but one little question, this is meant to be informative, and much of it is, but why use temp variables as r0,r1,r2 in the VP ( the FP as better temp names)

if you named the variables with more informative names it would be easier to follow the code, even if it might be long names.

if you want to reuse the same variable for several different purposes, i suggest that you ALIAS the name.

but still, its great.

Thanx ! I must say that you should give mr DBUGGER the credits for the actual VP & FP samples he has implemented in Gizmo3D.

I agree. We should use better names to make it easier to follow the code…

Hi! Yes, they are quite unoptimized and uncleaned. I will clean them up some soon, but I have more tasks to finish first. Thanks for your comments!