I have a question on this openGL extension.
If I have a triangle ,the three vertex is

V0 is controlled by Bone1,Bone2
V1 is controlled by Bone3,Bone4
V2 is controlled by Bone5,Bone6

V0,V1,V2 ,each has a weight array for the bone controlled them.

How can I use ARB_VERTEX_BLEND to draw this

anybody can write a smaple code to draw this tirangle use ARB_VERTEX_BLEND for me?

BTW, I only can found this extension documents,it seems there is few example code on this extesion, where can i find the example?

Thanks a lot

ARB_vertex_blend is solely supported by ATi cards actually. The rather equivalent functionality for NVIDIA is the EXT_vertex_weighting extension.

Thus, they should be considered as vendor-specific extensions. With that said, if you look for ARB_vertex_blend source code, you should take a look at ATi’s developer website at