arb multitexturing

i’m searching for more exhaustive informations about multitexturing. most of the tutorials over the net just teach the basics of it.

-have you got some links (except the official description) about it ?

-is it possible to combine different multitexturing results, using multitexturing ? for instance, (AB)+(CD)
if so, how ?

thanks in advance

I don’t have any links about multitexturing, but there are plenty of demos that use it from guys like Humus & Nutty, as well as IHV pages (nVidia / ATi).

Combining the results is generally done with TexEnv() calls (assuming you want to use the core features).
Look into the specs on the texture_env_* extensions, or maybe the core spec of GL 1.4, or again, demos around the net.


standard multitexture is pretty basic
u need to look at more advanced combining methods
(AB)+(CD) can be done with nvcombine4,fragment_shader etc

Maybe this question would fit this topic somehow…

What’s the difference between ARB_texture_env_combine and NV_register_combiners?