ARB meeting notes for December meeting?

When will the ARB meeting notes for the december meeting be online?


How about today? :wink:

Going thru the notes I see a couple of interesting points. Hopefully ARB members read this board…

What are these “super buffers” that the notes keep mentioning? I don’t understand the description “super buffers are their content”. Pardon me?

Revisited issue 23, ability to read from the framebuffer. After considerable discussion, including the performance costs of this in deeply pipelined architectures and desirability of overturning WG decisions in the full ARB, we revoted and decided this would not be supported by a large margin.

… then I want programmable blending! The separate blending factors extension is a step in the right direction (dog slow in current hardware though). You can do some tricks with the blending factors and fragment programs, but that doesn’t cover all the cases.