GL_ARB_imaging doesn’t have a spec doc? I looked in the registry. Where could it be located?

search “imaging” in the GL spec :

ARB imaging is a potpourri of somewhat distinct features that were aggregated for voting, stuff like color matrix, convolutions etc. The decision to aggregate multiple extensions into ARB imaging has since been regretted by some.

So only a subset of GL_ARB_imaging is supported? Say color matrix and not convolution…some combination thereof? it seems that mobility x600se has only color matrix supported. it sucks that not all features are supported. thank you for ur replies btw.

That’s the heart of the problem, if the ARB_imaging string is reported then all the features must be supported, of course as usual that doesn’t mean they all exist with hardware acceleration.

So if not all are supported you will probably see individual extensions reported and not ARB_imaging.