ARB_bindless_texture on AMD 7970


I have built a small renderer using GL_ARB_bindless_texture. It works fine on NVidia (GTX970) but binding a texture handle to a sampler results in the following error on my HD7970 (Windows 10, newest drivers).

glUniformHandleui64ARB has failed to set the uniform at location '0': the uniform's type, component size, or matrix dimensions are incompatible with the function variant (GL_INVALID_OPERATION)

As a test, I just draw a fullscreen quad with a texture applied to it. I checked with glewinfo, the GPU should support the extension.

The shader has a sampler2D uniform, and I set it using glUniformHandleui64ARB. I created a texture (2d), got the handle and made it resident without errors. The handle itself looks valid as well, it’s not zero :slight_smile: When using the non-bindless way, it works, so the texture itself is ok as well.

Anyone has encountered a similar problem maybe?

I also tried setting the handle as uvec2 and then creating a sampler2D object when sampling the texture, with the same error message.


So I managed to find the error myself. In the shader, I was missing ‘bindless_sampler’ in the layout specifier. Looks like Nvidia drivers are a bit more generous :slight_smile:

Can you confirm that AMD GPUs support bindless textures? Not the old NV extension but the newish ARB version that has at least a chance to go core someday? Thanks.

That’s generally the case with most such issues (NVidia GL drivers more permissive than AMD’s).

Looks like it. See for yourself:

I’d like to answer that question, but first I’d have to be able to read it :wink:

In any case, the OpenGL Hardware Database keeps a fairly up-to-date record of these things, and it suggests that there are many AMD cards that support bindless textures.

Oh! That’s freaking awesome !!!

[SIZE=4]The more I read about array textures, the more it looked like I couldn’t accomplish what I wanted with array textures.

BTW… I’ll try to stick to the default font and colors when I ask any question you might reply to. Because I definitely want you to be able to read my messages, and in the mood to reply to them (even without special reading glasses). /nosarcasm