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I’m trying to write an app to edit polygon characters for an RPG. I need to know if there’s a way to retrieve the new coordinates of a polygon after it’s been rotated. Also, I’m fairly new to vc++ and any information on menu bars, buttons, and open windows would also be welcomed.

If you want to find the coordinates of a point after a transformation is applied use: gluProject(GLdouble objx, GLDouble objy, GLdouble objz, GLdouble modelviewmatrix[4][4], GLdouble projectionMatrix[4][4], GLint viewport[4], GLdouble *winx, GLdouble *winy, GLdouble *winz).
You can retrieve the current model and projection matrices with glGetDoublev.
If you only want to aply a model transform pass the identity matrix for projectionMatrix.
That should be everything you need. Though yer question was vague. Just ask if you need any clarification. :smiley: