App crashing

Okay, I’m using OpenGL for a class I’m taking in college. I wrote a program last semester, it worked fine. Slower on my computer here at home than the new computers at school, but it worked okay, just a little slow. The program is in Java using JCreator.

Now I go to make changes to it and develop it further and it won’t run at all. I tried making the display simpler so it wouldn’t be such a load on my computer to do testing, but it still won’t work. Tried some of the instructor’s example programs - which I know worked before, on this computer - and now they freeze too. Ones with animation, work fine as long as the mouse isn’t over the app window, but as soon as the mouse hits the app window it freezes. The same programs - including mine - work at school and on my parents’ computer (which I installed JDK on just for testing).

Here’s my computer specs:
AMD 650 MHz (Yes, it’s old)
ATI Radeon 9000 video card
640 MB of RAM
Windows 2000 Professional

The computer plays games like Dark Age of Camelot without a problem. I haven’t changed or even touched the hardware since last semester. No conflicts. Scanned everything with Avast, Ad-Aware, Spybot Search & Destroy, there’s no viruses or other junk.

Has anyone run into this before? Any idea what is causing this? Or, failing that, how I can find out? I CAN write the code on other computers, but it’s a HUGE inconvenience that I can’t really afford right now.

what’s your compiler, using Visual studios solution, you can debug easily any memory craps by using breakpoint system, such as leaks, segfault…

I know there is a visual java.NET, or something like that…

javac compiler through ant… I don’t know very well, I’m using what I learned in a class I took last semester.

Have you study memory craps or possible bugs with ogl program creation under java ? Do you know any debugger, i’m not sure that it will help you but maybe…

Can you run OpenGL games ?
What does GLinfo reports ?

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