API Layer loading with no input on createInfo and extension error

So, when I create an instance, the loader automatically loads the Ultraleap API layer. I wish to disable this layer to try out the meta hand tracking (when I load the tracking extension functions Visual Studio tells me they are from an Ultraleap DLL). Alternatively, when I request the instance to load this layer, a failure happens.

Theres these messages happening on the console which I think might be related:

    Warning [GENERAL |  | OpenXR-Loader] : ReadLayerDataFilesInRegistry - failed 		
    to read registry location \ApiLayers\Explicit in either HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or 	 
    [2023-10-31 11:18:43.437] [info] [Config.cpp:59] API layer configuration file does not 
    exist, skipping
    Info [GENERAL | xrCreateInstance | OpenXR-Loader] : 
    ApiLayerInterface::LoadApiLayers succeeded loading layer 
    XR_APILAYER_ULTRALEAP_hand_tracking using interface version 1 and OpenXR 
    API version 1.0'

Another thing is tha I´m trying to use XR_EXT_hand_tracking
The xrLocateHandJointsEXT is giving me a -1 validation error. Here´s the code:

	XrHandJointsLocateInfoEXT locate_info;
	locate_info.next = NULL;
	locate_info.baseSpace = m_LocalSpace;
	locate_info.time = m_FrameState.predictedDisplayTime;

	XrHandJointLocationsEXT locations;
	locations.next = NULL;
	locations.jointCount = XR_HAND_JOINT_COUNT_EXT;
	locations.jointLocations = m_Eyes[side].m_Joints.data();
	XrResult result = xrLocateHandJointsEXT(m_Eyes[side].m_HandTracker, &locate_info, &locations);
	return result;

EDIT: I should also say I am using the oculus runtime.

The Ultraleap API layer is an implicit layer. The official OpenXR loader will always load it in, unless you set an environment variable to prevent it. The variable that disables it is specified in the manifest file for the layer. You’ll have to look up where the manifest file is from the Windows registry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Khronos\OpenXR\1\ApiLayers\Implicit