Anyway to program OpenGL/GLUT NOT in VC++

Ok, here’s my dilemma in short. Last 2 weeks I’ve been searching off and on for a way to program in Opengl without using a system specific programming language coughVC++cough

It says GLUT is multiplatform, then when I go to the windows section to find out how to set it up so that I can program with it, it points me to VC++ … excuse me while I gag

99% of the windows tutorials for GLUT I’ve seen show how to program openGL in VC++. I’m a college student, so I don’t have unlimited funds to pay for a $200 copy of a visual C++ program. I use the free command line program that Borland offers or I also have a copy of Codewarrior that I got last summer. I downloaded GLUT and stuck all the .h files in \include and .lib files in \lib.

What I’m looking for is a tutorial that shows me how to install/use it with the command line compiler or with Codewarrior. I know there has to be some way to program in Windows without using VC++ since it is said to be crossplatform.

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I guess it depends a bit on what you want to do, you could for example use Python to do OpenGL applications, this gives you pretty good platform independance, but it is not the fastest language in thw world…


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I do think I saw a tutorial on it some time ago, I will see if I can dig it up again…


Get cygwin. It’s a free unix like C/C++ development enviroment for windows. Just great. That’s what I use to compile my OpenGL/Glut Unix progs under win

BTW: Here in germany I could get a copy of VC++ as a student version for less than 50 bucks. Same applies to the OS.

More important : cygwin does support OpenGL 1.2
No more function ptr to get, less extension to use…

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I compiled a few glut and OpenGL Win32 API executables with this compiler. It’s free and it worked great. Id probably still be using it if I could have found a good IDE for it.

MSVC has spoiled me, 'specially when it comes to debugging.

Are you kidding?

Nothing I ever saw beats VC++ IDE. For release builds I’d then switch to the free borland compiler who is said to produce faster code.

Getting glut running is a bit of a pain with the borland command line compiler, you have to hack it a bit…

I’ve got the pre-compiled libs and headers if you want them…

Michael, I am no kidding no
You can use cygwin with opengl1.2 headers and lib, having all the opengl1.2 and opengl extensions (if you #define GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPE before including gl.h if I remember well) prototypes in the headers

Cough up the $200 and use what real programmers use. Beg the money from your parents: tell them it’s tuition for the real world

Originally posted by Kevgor:
Cough up the $200 and use what real programmers use. Beg the money from your parents: tell them it’s tuition for the real world


“Real” programmers use gcc + gdb… and they don’t cost $200.

Everybody knows “real” programmers just use hex editors.

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Bloodshed has a pretty good IDE for Mingw32, it’s not perfect but OK.