Anyone recalls the demo posted some time ago? : faked soft shadows

Hi everyone,

I’m searching this forum through to find out the demo posted some time ago, like half a year ago, but with no success…

The demo I’m talking about demonstrated faked soft shadows casted from a lamp (lantern?) being held by some knight / imp (not sure) in a simple / small castle (?) environment. The lamp in his hand was swinging. The softness of the shadows was supposedly done using lerping between two (precomputed) shadow (not depth) textures: one small and one big - penumbra blurriness was calculated according to the distance from the light source. The final effect was quite nice.

Thanks in advance if anyone could help and provide the link to mentioned demo.

You must be talking about this.

Looks like the download link is no longer active though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot slang. I knew there will be someone who can help :slight_smile:

Knowing link you gave me, I found this: , which has working download :slight_smile: