Anyone know where i can find documentation on the x11 lib?

i really cant find much other than a few examples on wikipedia. i also saw some books on amazon about it but they were written around 1998 or so…
anyone know if the books are any good or if there is documentation on the internet anywhere?

What part of X11’s API are you looking for? That’s the driving factor here.

Are you looking for reference on the core API? That hasn’t changed significantly and the Xlib Programming Guide and Xlib Reference Manual may be all you need. The X protocol? There’s a book for that. X extensions? If so, which? Don’t know the best source but they’re probably on the net. GLX? There’s a book for that, with the GLX extension specs on this site to round things out. The ancient Xt or Motif (gasp)? Just use Qt instead of Xt/Motif and consider yourself lucky that there are much better alternatives available nowadays.

hi, im looking for mouse and keyboard events. Im not sure what glx is but im also looking for an explanation of the source code ive found for creating a window with an opengl context.

Yes, sounds like you want the Xlib Programming Guide and Xlib Reference Manual. GLX is the X extension that allows you to create OpenGL contexts within the X/Windows system (it’s the “glue” between X and OpenGL).

Feel free to fire off some questions. A number of us have dealt with what you’re talking about, and someone here might be able to help you. As long as this is toward helping you write OpenGL applications, then it’s all good.

the xlib programming guide and xlib reference manual are books?


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