Anyone has installed Mesa in Red Hat 8.0? Pls help me

Hi all,

I have downloaded Mesa 5.0 in order to make use of OpenGL libraries. Am I right?

Howver, when I install it, I got two errors message. I am using Red hat 8.0.
Anyone has installed Mesa before please tell me how.
Thanks a lot.

That mesa is the software renderer and probably of little interest to you.Mesa got integrated into X so what you really need are the X11 libraries.Look for packages for redhat with the X11 libraries+development files.

Mesa comes with RedHat 8.0, but not the latest version. You should have installed X and all the developer stuff. When the new version of mesa came out(5.0 I think) I got it right away. One thing you have to know with linux is since there are many diffrent version of kernels(pretty much each time you compile it its a lil diffrent) any software that talks to the hardware you need to compile on your computer. Mesa I compiled on my computer and it compiled fine. Make sure you have your kernel source installed as well as the developer stuff. Do everything the README/INSTALL file says and youll be fine.


If not install Mesa, what should I do? When I install Red Hat, I choose custom way so that some libs might not be in my system.

Could you give me more details?

As previously stated try installing the X11-devel rpm. This will be on your installation disks. While your at it you may want to install glut, the glut rpm should also be on you installation disks.

If you want to check that you’ve got Mesa installed try looking for the files libGL., libGLcore., libGLU.* in your /usr/lib/ and /usr/X11R6/lib/ directories.

No no no no!
We’re talking about Red Hat 8.0 remember?

Just start up the graphical package manager (footmenu -> System Settings -> Packages -> browse to the “Development” section -> enable the “X Software Development” item and press the update button)


nukem:The mesa distribution you get seperately from X is SW mesa(unless you use utah-glx instead of DRI or something).You can not just install it and hope to get HW Mesa 5.0(nad you don’t need to install HW-accessing software yourself,not necessarily).If you want to see why standard Mesa is different than X11 mesa take a look at the FAQ in the DRI site at sourceforge.

What video card are you using? If you have an nVidia video card go here:

Then search the forum. There have been plenty of success stories.

If you have an Ati card, search the forums as well. There have been plenty of success stories there as well.

zen: X dosnt come with OGL thats what mesa does.

brifusg: I would do what richardve said, personally I have all the development packages installed if you compile your programs you should do this.

X after version 4 comes with DRI and DRI comes with a version of Mesa.

from the DRI homepage:

The DRI is an integral part of XFree86 4.x, and integrates with Mesa, an open source implementation of the OpenGL API. Several 3D accelerated drivers have been written to the DRI specification, including drivers for chipsets produced by ATI, Matrox, 3dfx, and Intel.

also from a FAQ at the same page regarding why you can’t just upgrade the DRI version of Mesa with a standalone Mesa version:

Mesa is used in XFree86/DRI in two places.

First, Mesa is used as the software renderer for indirect GLX rendering. This is used when rendering from remote clients or when hardware-acceleration isn’t available.

Second, Mesa is used as the core for client-side hardware OpenGL drivers. Typically, this means that Mesa implements all the OpenGL API functions, state management, display lists, etc. while the hardware does the actual point/line/triangle rendering.

It’s important to understand the difference between “stand-alone Mesa” and Mesa in XFree86/DRI.

Stand-alone Mesa (which is typically packaged as MesaLib-4.x.tar.gz) builds a library which implements all of OpenGL, including rendering.

For example:

±----- -----+
| GL dispatcher |
| Mesa core |
| X11 software driver |

With the DRI, the Mesa core code is built into each of the client-side DRI drivers (such as The library is actually just a thin interface that provides OpenGL API dispatching and loading of the DRI driver modules:

+---- -----+
|   GL dispatcher   |
| DRI driver loader |

±-- ----+
| Mesa core |
| radeon-specific code |
| Xserver/kernel/hardware |

It should now be clear that downloading/compiling/installing stand-alone Mesa will not “upgrade” the Mesa in XFree86/DRI. Even if you were to upgrade the Mesa sources in src/extras/Mesa/src and rebuild the XFree86 tree, you would not be successful because the internal data structures and interfaces in Mesa change from one release to the next, requiring updates in each of the DRI drivers.

sorry for the long post

probaly, you have a problem with GLU 1.3(from SGI SI) library, which can’t compiled under RH8 - try to compile with GLU 1.1.

GLU 1.3 - si-glu(requre C++), GLU 1.1 - src-glu (requre C, but has some bugs intessalation code).

Mesa does not compile using the automatic
method. You have to use the old method desribed in the README or INSTALL file.
For more details, check the forum in Mesa homepage on Sourcforge.

Mesa does not compile using the automatic
method. You have to use the old method desribed in the README or INSTALL file.
For more details, check the forum in Mesa homepage on Sourcforge.

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