Anybody using free Borland C++ Compiler to develop OpenGL applications

Hello all,

Is there anyone out there that is using the freely available Borland C++ Compiler with OpenGL?

I’m looking to develop graphics applications and have had some limited experience with OpenGL and VC++. Since this project is somewhat related to my new job, software-licensing leaves a bit of a question mark – hence looking at the free compiler.

I plan to be using the tutorials as a basic of my learning, but also was hoping to use the free Borland compiler.

Does anyone know of any good tutorials/books that would cover this setup? Something possibly related to OpenGL and obtaining the lib/header files, etc.

How easy is it to develop applications without the Borland IDE? Are there any free alternatives? I use Eclipse here at work but I don’t know if there is a C++ plug-in or something.

If I don’t have much success with this, my other alternative is to either:
a. Buy a licence of Borland C++ Builder with the IDE
b. Buy a licence of Visual C++ .NET 2003 Standard
c. Buy a licence of Visual C# .NET 2003 Standard and use C# instead
d. Do it in Java using the Java3D API

What are your recommendations?

Many thanks!

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Hi Martin

Have a look at the V IDE.You’ll find on the site
all the info needed to set up the free command
line Borland C++ compiler.

Dont forget to donwload the debugger from the Borland site.

Hope this suits your needs.



since you’re on the subject of using the free Borland C++ 5.5 commandline compiler, I want to know if it has the “scrnsaver.lib” for Windows screen savers. I’ve reinstalled the compiler, but it doesn’t contain the screen saver library file. and it seems that the binary tools cannot convert Visucal C++ 6.0’s scrnsave.lib either. so, is there another way to program win32 screen saver app using this compiler?

  • A.K.

Thanks for replies!

I managed to get the free compiler working with the Glut library. That should be sufficient for what I want to achieve.

Thanks Claude for the recommendation. I will certainly try out V IDE when I get a spare moment.

AK77: I don’t think I’ll be able to help with your question. I did a search for the file you mentioned but couldn’t find it, sorry.

All I need to do now is sell the project idea to the team I’m working in and full steam ahead :slight_smile: