Any good tutorials on occlusion culling?

Hi folks,

I have a small game dev team working with a simple OpenGL 3D rendering engine. We’ve got our game running, but are trying to get some speed ups using occlusion culling. Most tutorials on the web cover occlusion culling from an academic standpoint (the concepts, Greene’s algo, Zhang’s algo, the pseudocode, the challenges), and what I’m looking for is something that offers guidance specifically regarding GL_ARB_occlusion_query and related OpenGL extensions.

I have read through the extension notes at , including the examples at the bottom. However, still being a relative beginner with low-level OpenGL (I’ve never manually dealt with any extensions yet), I could use some more “tutorial-like” guidance.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Our current rendering pipeline currently goes in the fashion of:

-foreach mesh in scene
-foreach surface in mesh
-draw tris (using glDrawElements)