Any good Math Libraries?

Hi. Can someone suggest me good maths libraries (C C++)available for free. I am specifically looking for those related to Matrix operations like inverses. I also require functions for coordinate geometry related operations like finding intersections, bounding volumes etc.

This is a page with links to various libs (including but not exclusively C++) dealing with numerics:

You may be able to actually rip-off math/geometry classes/code from opensource 3d packages. Have a look at sourceforge, and seach for 3d graphics and/or 3d games. There are quite a few scene-graph / 3d engine packages with excellent math/geometry classes. It’s then just a matter of getting what you need out (and mention the GPL licence to your code of course). Extracting the classes that are useful to you is usually not so difficult.

I’d suggest looking at packages like OpenSceneGraph, PLib, etc.

A word of caution: these libraries might be optimized for what they are used for in these packages, but not for general purposed use. You’ll probably end up realizing (as I did, not so long ago) that there are actually lots of math libraries out there (actually, there are godzillions of everything out there), but there are no standard general purposed tests/benchmarks for math libraries - or at least they are hard to find. I’d suggest you spend at least as much time on testing as on integrating/using the math lib you’ll decide to go for.


Try Although I am not using it directly ( I already had a math lib in place so I couldnt use it directly ), it is one of the most complete math libs out there. It also has a good licence attached to it.

good luck…