Any free libraries out there to do the following (object loading, image loading)?

As you probably all know by now I’m just starting in OpenGL and need a lot of help :slight_smile:
I’m looking for some libraries (WIn32/VS) to let me or help me do the following with OpenGL:

  • Load various picture formats (say for textures)
  • General graphic libs that define Vectors, Matrices, Quaternions and operations on them
  • Libs that will allow me to load XSI/Maya/MAX objects with animations (say a character).

Huge thanks,

DevIL is a good image library, it can be found at
It has direct support for OpenGL textures and supports a wide range of graphic formats.

I don’t know, if there’s a MAX file loader out there, but there is a good 3DS file loader at .
I think it supports keyframe animations.

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Cool, thanks.