Antialiasing polygons


I was wondering if there are less computation-intensive ways to antialias
polygons like with the accumulation buffer
and less cumbersome than having to
order all polygons from front-to-back, when antialiasing using the alpha values to blend edges.

For the second, it looks to me like I have to pre-calculate Z values and order the objects accordingly, which isn’t that bad (although I feel it’s also computation intensive since I need to do it each time I display), but when doing so polygons that “run-through” each other don’t get antialiased right because the intersecting lines (for example, they run through each other in the middle) are not edges.

Any hints and/or pointers to docs about this matter are very welcome


click the right mouse button on your desktop
>>properties >>settings >>advanced >>opengl

find the antialiasing controls there and set them the way you want.

I don’t see how that would make using the accumulation buffer less computive, or antialiasing using blending less cumbersome, or…well…

I don’t get the answer. I’m trying to antialias the objects in my source properly, regardless of OpenGL settings (or at least not without writing a statement…)