antialiasing and gamma correction

the geforce have a display settings panel applet wich allow to set the gamma exponent to be used.

gamma correction is usually optained by the use of some lookup table scheme, preferrably in hardware.
does the nvidia chips work this way?

when a monitor is gamma corrected, if i draw antialiased primitives i shouldn’t get jaggies or roping.
is right this?

and so why when i draw lines with opengl i get roping the same??

to avoid roping, i have to set gamma to about 69 on my system, and if i check the “halftone vs pure grey” test i see (obviously) that the monitor is not gamma corrected.

ok, no problem: i would design images and textures keeping in mind this…

but with such a high exponent, i get interpolation arctifacts and banding with lighting: how can i overcome this problem?


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