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I am currently working on a 3ds model animator (see attached movie). Note that the model is not mine, I bought it with Dark Basic. This is intended to be a modeling program you can use with your friends. Currently the only format supported is 3DS, but I plan to include others. Any suggestions what features I should include?

Link to QuickTime movie:

You can find more information at the main site:

Sourceforge just mirrored the TagCMA_1_18 Release.


Build Update::

Build Update:

  • Cleaned user interface by adding expandable tabs to panels
  • Added vertex normal indicators for the selected and hovered MeshNode
  • Added a menu item to toggle the vertex normal indicator
  • Toolbar buttons are now connected to the TagcTabPanels
  • Added example UI layouts, try using: 1 2 3 4

Recorded a few movies in everybodies’ favorite formats:

Build Update 1.23:

  • Added network delta support using Actions for TagcModel
  • Added network delta support using Actions for TagcMeshNode
  • Enhanced network performance 100x
  • Tested performance from 10 miles away. Seems to be almost instantaneous.
  • Tested performance from Monroe,WA to Alton, Hampshire. Seems to only lag by a second or two.

The most notable changes are:

  • Major performance updates
  • All aspects of the model are now collaborative (vertexes, colors and textures) – Any change you do, you’ll friends will see
  • You can now import textures from a file into the scene (supports BMP,JPG,PNG)
  • The server is now running on Linux with Apache/Mod Mono/XSP which was changed from originally using Windows/IIS

I just posted a new build #1.39. Visit the site for more info.

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