Hello, i’m creating my little 3d game, and now I need to animate my characters.I use only obj format but I don’t know how to read animation info. I’d need some codes or articles or tutorials about key frame animation(with linear interpolation) using obj format, someone can help me? thanks!

well…you’re not going to find that sort of info in a .obj file. As far as I know .obj files contain only data that describe the 3D object (vertices,tex coords, normals, etc…).

If you now want to animate an .obj of a character that’s not such a simple task. You should read some literature on ‘bones animation’.

additionally there is a new standard file format known as ‘FBX’. These new files will contain key frame, animation, camera and a bunch of other info in the file. you can read up on those at

linear interpolation is a simple topic.

There are many implementations to solve the problem you have at hand so I won’t get into that now.

good luck!