Animation With OpenGl & C++ & .wrl

I want to animate a 3d model using C++(opengl). 3d model is .wrl(VRML model) file.

1-) How can I open .wrl model using opengl without using MFC ? ( I just found MFC codes for it )
2-) How can I find sample code for C+ & Opengl & .wrl file?

OpenGL does not support such file formats.
It can handle mesh data only as raw data.

I am sure there are APIs for this file format, which can extract raw mesh data from these files.
OpenVRML looks good and updated.

There is an option to do it too I think:
By using 3D Exploration Plugin, 3d model can be exported to C++ code. So it can be used in opengl.
To animate a model with opengl&C++, which one is efective method?

vrml is an appalling format, especially for animation. First suggestion is export it using another format.