Animation Increments Rendered Differently on Different Machines?


i’m a OpenGL noob… i did a very basic program with a small window and a square that you can move via the arrow keys on the keyboard.

I have a P3 800 and a GeForce2 GTS 32MB card. When I run my program the animation is very fast so I need to set the rotation and movement increments very small, however on a friend’s PC the movement is extremely slow with the same increments but normal if I increase them.

What is going on? and how can i fix it?

any help is MUCh appreciated…

To keep the same speed across different fps, you only need to measure time elapsed between during the previous frame, and use this time multiplied by a certain value for your rotation/mouvement/whatever on the current frame.

So increments will be automatically adapted.

See the past forum threads about ‘FPS’, there are multiple ways to measure time.

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