Animated Model Formats

First off, I understand the best way games use animated models is by writing their own exporter from their model package of choice. Hence, all games practically use their own formats. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to learn specifically the Maya API.

Here’s what i need from the format, Keyframed Animation. I don’t need a complex hierarchy or bone structure.

Now, I really would like to use the *.md2 format since it has what I need. I could only find an old Maya 3 exporter for this, and my luck doesn’t load in 4.5.

If anyone knows a great format or an maya 4.5 md2 exporter that would be great. Thanks!

And you post this on the OpenGL board, instead of calling up Maya support, because… ?

Why would maya support a plugin they didn’t write? Thats the first question they’d give you. Plus i was asking about other formats as well, or other known plugins that maybe i didn’t find.

There are Maya forums, and Maya support people know where you can get plug-ins for any format you’d desire. It’s their job. You pay for it. They’re good people; try them!

(unless you’re using an unsupported version, of course)

Can’t hurt. Thanks for the idea.