Animated Mesh

I have to implement a man running using opengl but I have no idea how to do it, I am a beginner.
I have a mesh (file ANI) containing the faces, the vertexes and all the frames which needs for the movements.
And I have the texture on a PCX file.
Having the mesh with texture loaded, I need to make him run using the arrow_up key.

Is there anybody who can help me ot give me some opensource code about it?


P.S. I have already loaded the faces, vertexes and frames in the data structure which is made a arrays

I don’t know any ANI format. Animating it all depends on how the frames are defined.

The way I see it, you can have three methods:

  1. A whole set of independent geometry for every frame. In that case, just render everything with a matching frame number. Morphing between frames is hell, because there is by definition no way of knowing which bit of geometry in one frame corresponds to one in a different frame.
  2. Vertices are linked to transformation matrices (or positions and rotations), and the matrices are stored per frame. I believe the 3DS format uses something like this. Interpolation is doable, especially if the matrices are stored as positions and rotations or as quaternions.
  3. Vertices are linked to one or multiple joints. Pretty much the same idea as 2, but joints are also linked to each other. So rotating a shoulder also rotates the fingers. You can use matrix push/multiply/pop to simplify things.

You’ll have to find out which it is.