[AMD11.12] {pack,unpack}Half2x16 Incorrect

I’m expecting the following shader to draw a triangle accross the screen, but it does not behave that way.

#version 420 core

void main()
	vec2[] vertices = vec2[](vec2(-1.0),vec2(1.0,-1.0),vec2(0.0,1.0));
	gl_Position     = vec4(vertices[gl_VertexID],0.0,1.0);
	uint compressed = packHalf2x16(gl_Position.xy);
	gl_Position.xy  = unpackHalf2x16(compressed);

I have attached an image showing the difference between not using the pack/unpack functions (left) and using them (right). AFAIK, the images should be similar.

Code can be downloaded here (gmake and vs2010 projects are provided).

I believe it is a driver bug. We are looking into it.

Issue remains with Catalyst 12.1

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