AMD glUseProgramStages 0 handling

Driver Version:
4.2.11019 Core Profile Forward-Compatible Context

I’m trying to ‘detach’ a program stage using

glUseProgramStages( name, stage, 0 )

but the debug log is returning an error reporting

error : 1008 : glUseProgramStages parameter <program> has an invalid value ‘0’: must be a valid program object name (GL_INVALID_VALUE)

the standard says
If UseProgramStages is called with <program> set to zero or with a program object that contains no executable code for a given stages, it is as if the pipeline object has no programmable stage configured for the indicated shader stages.

Which seems to say to me the driver is wrong? Or have I misunderstood the standard?

yes, it is a bug in driver, we will fix it ASAP, thank you!

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