Amd fix your bugs!

Terrible! Yes, after updating ATI drivers in hope it will fix a weird problem when I turn on shaders, I got a disastrous performance, worse than running into software, when using wglUseFontOutlines. I’m still surprised that “AMD” still cannot provide a basic functional drivers. I thought it could be the engine/rendering path bug, winforms interference that causes such strange effects, now it turns out to be ATIs or “AMD.”
Not to mention another really confusing problem that make my program runs differently under Windows and Linux, …

It is possible that the display lists created by the wglUseFontOutlines use line/polygon smoothing or wide lines which, as far as I know, ATI drivers do not support in hw when the shaders are active at the same time.

What is the difference you see between the Windows and the Linux?

No, wglUseFontOutlines doesn’t create display lists which change smoothing or line width state.
It only screws with the glFrontFace setting in case you generate polygons with WGL_FONT_POLYGONS and you need to reset it if yours was different.

I change the font for the GDI device.

The linux and win differences in another project…texturing and blending don;t work the same in both versions.

Why not create your own? Triangulate the contours you get back from GetGlyphOutline and friends, extrude the results, than save the results out in an optimized format.

If you don’t want to muck about with that stuff, use one of the many freely available tools to do it for you.

Anyhoo, seems weird to me to rely on a graphics API to do this sort of thing anyway. Might be one of the things we can do away with to ease the burden of implementation?

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