alternative to gl4java

are there any alternatives to gl4java that i can use to code and compile opengl and java?

Hi !

There are a few other similar projects to gl4java (most of them not finished), but why do you want another one ? gl4java is the best one out there at the moment.

Another alternative is of course to use Java3D, but this is a huge beast and is not at OpenGL level, it works at a higher level with a scene graph and works with both OpenGL and Direct3D.


Try the LWJGL at:
Very good, very fast and stable. Currently supported on win32 and linux, macOS in the works (which puts it on more platforms than Java3D, I dunno about GL4Java).
(and lots of support via the forum at

It really depends on your goals, as mikael_aronsson said. Maybe you could help us help you by listing the problems that you’ve had with it?

Ive heard that Sun is going to put GL in java in version 1.5, but this is just a rumor.