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i’m a new user in this great forum …

first i’m so sorry my english grammer not good :smiley:

we " arabian men " have not idea about game designing …

please >>

1- I need link for OpenGL program my computer system is " WINDOWS 98 SE " haha old ha ?
2- is this program support a big games like a playstation game or XboX game ?
3- how i can start with OpenGL ?
4- what your think about " 3d game studio program " ?
5- Thank and sorry for this long topic … !!

see ya

You use Opengl to play games or do other 3d work. Usually if you want to use it, the game will ask you to install it, and usually offer it to you. You can donload opengl to learn to program in. anything else?

OpenGL does not normally get installed by games. It typically comes from the latest drivers for your card. There were some exceptions with glsetup, but I think that has been abandoned. Windows XP needs driver upgrades fromthe card makers to getOpenGL. 98 may needs that for hardware acceleration & broader support.

OpenGL is used by some big games but not on PS2 or XBOX. Microsoft certifies all libraries that XBOX titles link to. OpenGL is not on their list of acceptable libs. XBOX uses DirectX 8 with extensions. PS2 is mostly hand crafted microcode that runs on their vector processor units & loaded & fed with a DMA engine. I thing you can get PS2 OpenGL libs from a 3rd party but this is not normally how PS2 is programmed. Many PC games like Quake, Half-Life & Doom3 use OpenGL.

Sony has just joined the Khronos group and it looks like they may support OpenGL|ES on their systems (PS3?).

To start with OpenGL you could get one of the popular books, but there are also some good online resources like NeHe, & this site of course. Just start coding and downloading examples.

If you’re running Win98, I suspect your video hardware is probably a bit older too. You might find that your video card & driver doesn’t support many of the features and extensions to OpenGL that are used in the more advanced example code.

You can quickly check your hardware support with this downloadable tool: glView

It should help save time trying out examples that won’t work on your system. But even if you only have OpenGL1.1, there’s still a lot you can learn.

3dgs sux. Dont use it. I spent a long time using it, it took me a while to come to conclusion, but its just bad.

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