Algorithm for building shapes with TRIANGLE_STRIP

I am looking for a good way to triangulate for building shapes with GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP. I made a working algorith and working code for building 3D shapes a few years ago. This has worked on M3G, Java3D and Symbian Open GL C++. It does for some reason not work like it should on Android Open GL. The shapes that I try to build do not look like they should here.

I am calculating the points to the 3d shapes from mathematical
formulas, but I need to find a better way to triangulate these points, so I can build the 3d shapes. Does anyone know a good algorithm for this or maybe some code that I can use for Android?

First thing you should do is read this:
Then this may also be relevant:

Now, there may still be valid reasons for using strips in 2011; you may be explicitly targetting older hardware or weird/funky hardware where you have profiled and determined that strips are the definitive way to go. But otherwise you’ll get much better mileage out of just using GL_TRIANGLES with indexes, and save quite a lot of time and headache too.


I see, but is it the same for Android? It seems like almost everybody is using GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP here.