Air Traffic Control Simulation Software

I have a project as cleared from my subject. In this project I have to get the data from the database and then by applying the programming logics display the different graphical actions. My teacher purposed me to use OpenGL, MS Access. I know c++ as well as java. So should by using OpenGL i can able to get my required result as presently I have no implementation experience using OpenGL. if yes the from where I should start my project as I have to complete within 5 month time period. Please give me urgent suggestions. Thankyou

There are many ways to implement OpenGl apps, the most basic is “Glut”, a programming library very commonly used for graphical tests/demonstrations/demos. For what you’re using you need a full blown sdk, something like MFC, or QT. If you know C++, you can, or you may have already, learned MFC, which is the Microsoft standard for software development, it includes Database classes, OpenGl classes, and standard GUI classes. If you don’t know it or want a different (Free) alternative, you can also use QT, preferebly if you’re not running windows (Though it will compile into windows, the free windows version is behind the free mac and linux versions however) the url is for QT, an Mfc you’re better off getting a book, you’ll need to find the software though. try the SAMs teach yourself in 24 hours MFC one if you decide to go that route, or search online. Almost forgot, if you want to use mfc, find a copy of visual studio 6.0 or 7.0 (Visual studio .net for the later)

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