After exiting Fullscreen OpenGL program...

Hello. Im currently in the development of my first game. Im using OpenGL and the winapi, no glut. When the program exits and returns back to the desktop, my windows all resize. Its terribly annoying, but not life threatening:

Say I set up a fullscreen window, 800x600 pixels:
-if the desktop is currently 800x600; I will have no problems with the windows resizing on me.
-However, lets say my desktop is set to 1024x768; I will run into problems.

Does anyone know a simple solution for this bug?

Justin Todd

I never noticed that before, I imagin it’s because when you changed display modes windows tried to move the windows around to fit into the screen better. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s something you can fix. I don’t think windows would like you telling it to move other programmes around.

if you use the same code as for the “FullScreenOpenGLWindow”, you have to reset the displaymode with ChangeDisplaySettings(NULL,0) before exiting the app.

N3r, yep that fixes the problem, thanks a lot!