Aero disabled on fullscreen (Vista and Windows 7)


when I switch to fullscreen in my OpenGL applications using…

ChangeDisplaySettings(&MyDeviceMode, CDS_FULLSCREEN);

…Aero is always turned off until the program terminates.

MyDeviceMode is initialized correctly using the well known
EnumDisplaySettings procedure.

I have the latest NVidia drivers installed (OpenGL 3.1)
and my OS is Windows 7 x64. Same happens on Vista.
Graphic card: NVidia 8800 GTS.

Is this normal?


Yes, it is normal.

Mhm okay thanks. I asked this because first I tried
Google and on many pages people say they don’t have
the problem with Aero being disabled in fullscreen.

Is there an official document about that?

It’s not very offical but the best I could find fast:
OpenGL and Windows Vista™
Windows Vista and OpenGL-the Facts

Mhm maybe I’m blind… I read these articles but
found no statement on Aero being disabled during

Aero is only a Part of the DWM (Desktop Window Manager), which is being deactivated on Fullscreen.

The new Desktop Window Manager with its Desktop Compositing Engine provides 3D accelerated window composition when Windows Aero is turned on.[Volume 003]

During full-screen applications, such as games, the DWM is not performing window compositing and therefore…[Volume 007]

Thank you! :slight_smile: