Advice on good C / C++ / Visual C++ / MFC and Windows Programming books

Hi there. I’d like some advice on the best books on C ( advanced ) and object-oriented programming, C++ , MFC , Visual C++ ( beginner and advanced ). I would like some advice on some graphics programming on Linux platforms. Thank you.

The best book I’ve found for intro to MFC is ‘Programming Visual C++, 5th ed.’ by Kruglinski, Microsoft Press. The MFC book by Jeff Prosise, ‘Programming Windows with MFC’, also by Microsoft Press is more basic, but also useful. Bruce Eckel’s book ‘Thinking in C++’ (Prentice Hall, 2n edition) can be heavy going but seems to cover C++ in a different way from most books, but perhaps not to everyones taste. Can’t give you any advice on graphics stuff for Linux however.