Advanced study in Computer Graphics

Hello Everyone.

This might be a little off-topic. Please excuse me for that.
Well, i was introduced to a course in Computer Graphics about 5 months back and i took particular interest in it.

Can anyone please give some information about the fields in Computer Graphics if i can choose an advanced study(say like research) in Computer Graphics.

i googled for it a little and i found fields like Information/Data visualization, Augmented/Virtual reality.

Can anyone please throw more light on this?
Thanks in advance.

Anyone? im sorry. i really did try to find more information about it, but i could not gather much :frowning:

Though not an actual requirement, whenever you say “research,” in academia that really means “PhD.” Before you start making plans for your PhD thesis, I’d suggest getting a little further along in your studies. If you really are thinking about advanced study, I’d suggest that it should be more about what interests you than about what established courses of study already exist. There are many problems in computer graphics, and many ways in which computer graphics can be applied. Those issues dictate where research should be directed, and different universities have faculty with different interests and areas of specialization. For example, are you interested in medicine? If so, then medical imaging, such as used in CAT scanners or ultrasonic imaging might be the areas of research you’d want to pursue. That’s pretty different from, say, animation in a Hollywood studio for making the special effects in Avatar 2, or something. There are other common but very different areas, such as pattern recognition, scientific visualization, or engineering applications like CAD or FEM.

Your interests should be driving your thoughts about where and what to study. You should be able to ask any of your computer science professors for their advice and suggestions. If you aren’t an university student, you could visit a nearby university and ask to be given a tour of their computer science research facilities and talk with current faculty and graduate students and get some ideas. I think you’ll find that more useful and informative than googling computer graphics.

It’s not like you need to specialize your undergraduate education much to target your eventual goals in computer graphics research. Study math. Lots, and lots, of math. Study Computer Science (not Information Processing, that’s for business applications). Study Physics. And keep your eyes and ears open, and you will discover what’s both interesting to you and of current interest to others, while obtaining the background knowledge useful for all of it.

Thanks a lot for the info david_f_knight :slight_smile: