Adding sprites to a tile map

I am working on a project called “Simulant” which uses a rotated tile map engine (similar to Transport Tycoon and other games of that style).

The problem we are facing is placing sprites (buildings, trees etc).

We have got the actual map working but when we add sprites, the map scrolls but the buildings stay fixed on the screen. Its as if the buildings are possitioned relative to the camera and not the map itself.

Is there any documentation that would assist the devlopers? I’ve been searching the 'net for a few days now but without much success.

Any help on this would be gladly received.



Try searching on the Isometric/Tile-Based forums in the reference section. Maybe you will find your answer there…

hope it helps, regards from Austria

  • Christoph -

Thanks, I’ve managed to figure this out now.

I’ve been using tutorials and articles on gamedev and eventually found some source that would show how it could be done but I couldn’t get the sprite class to talk to the tile class… but some header file includes later and it now works…

Now to implement the functionality in our own game.

Tina - Programmer for Project Simulant